Be part of the solution 

With the assistance of a large, diverse pool of research study participants, we investigate novel interventions to help people with multiple sclerosis (MS) live their best lives. Participating in a research study can be an empowering and impactful opportunity and help accelerate breakthroughs in treatment.

Together, we can change the future of MS. You have the power to help researchers better understand the lived experience of MS, which has the potential to transform treatments.

Register as a potential research participant to join our participant pool. The pool is a database from which study staff recruit participants for research studies.

Patients are key research partners

  • You are the expert in MS. No one understands MS better than those living with it every day. By working together, we can help shape the future of research. Your lived experience can help shape future treatments.

Your safety is important

  • Study staff will discuss any risks involved in the studies in which you participate. Most of our studies pose minimal risk and all studies listed on this site have been reviewed and approved by an institutional review board, a group dedicated to protecting the welfare of human research participants.

Participate in research that interests you

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