Are you interested in being contacted about research studies for people with multiple sclerosis?

The UW MS Rehabilitation & Wellness Research Center is a group of researchers and providers who conduct research on a variety of topics related to multiple sclerosis, including:

  • Lifestyle-based treatments (psychological or medication) to improve symptom management related to pain, fatigue, or other symptoms
  • Observational studies (surveys or interviews) about your experience living with MS.
  • Clinical trials targeting your underlying MS disease
  • Expanding access to care and creating new ways to support better care for people living with MS, such as through telehealth

If you are interested in participating in research now or in the future, register as a potential research participant online.

While some studies may require you to be available to travel to Seattle, Washington, most of our studies enroll participants nationwide and conduct research entirely online and over the phone.

Agreeing to provide your information does not mean you have agreed to join a study. We will contact you about studies you may be a good fit for.

If you’re looking to support our work in other ways, you can follow us on Twitter or make a financial gift online.

If you have questions, contact the study team at (206) 598-0501 or