enrolling in 2024— EXERCISERX MS

Study overview

Regular physical activity is crucial to reduce multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms and restore function. However, due to multiple barriers, 80% of adults with MS don’t get enough physical activity. This study will address some of these barriers, test the efficacy of an innovative digital platform called ExerciseRX to increase activity levels, and evaluate physical activity promotion as a restorative rehabilitation strategy in adults with MS.


ExerciseRx is an app that helps healthcare providers prescribe and monitor customized and safe movement goals for their patients as easily as they would prescribe medication. Developed by UW’s Medicine’s Sports Institute, the UW Computer Science and Engineering Ubicomp Lab, and UW Human Centered Design and Engineering, it bridges the gap between consumer activity tracking devices in personal smartphones and providers’ electronic health records. Patients can use ExerciseRx to track their activity and goals and receive support from their provider on their progress.

What do I have to do?

  • Participants will be randomly assigned to either the ExerciseRx intervention or usual care.
  • Over thirteen weeks, participants will carry their phones as they usually do to collect information on their level of activity.
  • Those in the intervention group will download a mobile app, complete weekly surveys, and log in to the app each day to see how many steps you have taken, activity summary, and messages.
  • Those in the usual care group will be offered the opportunity to receive the ExerciseRx intervention at the end of the 26 weeks.
  • Complete three online surveys and an interview with study staff.
  • Up to $150 total compensation provided.

to be eligible, one must

  • be 18 years of age or older
  • have a diagnosis of MS
  • walk independently at least 50% of the time


For more information, contact study staff at msstudy@uw.edu or (206) 598-0501.

Study information

Dawn Ehde, PhD is the lead investigator of this study.

Study ID: STUDY00018628 IRB: Date Approved: 08/30/2023